Candy Corn Fruit & Veggie Cups



Fruit Cups:

  1. Clear cups
  2. Forks & Spoons
  3. Mandarin Oranges
  4. Pineapple
  5. Whipped Cream Spray

Veggie Cups:

  1. Clear cups
  2. Forks & Spoons
  3. Yellow Bell Pepper (cut into pieces)
  4. Carrot chipsĀ (or carrots cut into pieces)
  5. Cauliflower (cut into small pieces)
  6. Optional: Ranch


  1. Layer fruit cup with pineapple on the bottom, mandarin oranges in the middle, and whipped cream on top
  2. Layer veggie cup with bell pepper on the bottom, carrot chips in the middle, and cauliflower on top
  3. Enjoy!

Author: Tawni

Tawni is a former special education teacher, now stay-at-home momma. She spends her days reading, cooking with lots of cheese, listening to professional choral music, and tickling her baby boy, Cy. She lives with her husband and son in Utah.

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