Sing & Sign: Alphabet Signing Song


This is a GREAT song to help your child learn and  remember letters and words that start with that letter. It also includes all the signs that go with both! Hope you enjoy!


Apple, Apple, A A A (2x each)
Baby, Baby, B B B
Cookie, Cookie, C C C
Doggy, Doggy, D D D
Elephant, Elephant, E E E
Flower, Flower, F F F
Gorilla, Gorilla, G G G
Horsey, Horsey, H H H
Iguana, Iguana, I I I
Jet, Jet, J J J
Koala, Koala, K K K
Lion, Lion, L L L
Motorcycle, Motorcycle, M M M
Nest, Nest, N N N
Octopus, Octopus, O O O
Pumpkin, Pumpkin, P P P
Queen, Queen, Qu Qu Qu
Rainbow, Rainbow, R R R
Snake, Snake, S S S
Turtle, Turtle, T T T
Umbrella, Umbrella, U U U
Vacuum, Vacuum, V V V
Walrus, Walrus, W W W
X Box, X Box, X X X
Yo-yo, Yo-yo, Y Y Y
Zebra, Zebra, Z Z Z

Author: McKenzie

McKenzie is a retired Special Education teacher and Mom to Mila. She loves traveling, baking and snuggling. As a social butterfly and self-proclaimed chatter box, McKenzie loves making new friends.

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