Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

On a typewriter, the mischievous cows in this book type a letter to farmer Brown, seeking a trade of milk for electric blankets. Farmer Brown is appalled at such a request and the ensuing exchange between the farmer and his barn full of animals fills the clever pages of Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. Below we have 10 fun activities you can do with little people after reading this fun story. Some of our favorites include making a tiny electric blanket and singing a song about hungry ducks.

Here’s the lineup!


Craft: Tiny Electric Blankets

Sensory: Hot & Cold Bowls

Cooking: Scrambled Eggs

Game: Egg Race

Science: Egg Experiment: Raw or Boiled?

Song: All the Little Ducks go Upside Down

Math: Click Clack Quack: >, <, =

Reading: Easter Egg Letter/Word Hunt

Writing: Click Clack Type!


That’s all for today! Hope the sun is shining on you and yours!

Author: Tawni

Tawni is a former special education teacher, now stay-at-home momma. She spends her days reading, cooking with lots of cheese, listening to professional choral music, and tickling her baby boy, Cy. She lives with her husband and son in Utah.

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