Brown Bear Writing

It’s time to draw and write about Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? We’ve made a free printable worksheet for our opinion writing question: What kind of animal do you want to see? And we’ve included some simple drawings you can use during a comprehension writing lesson. 

Comprehension Writing:

Ask the question: What was this book about? Then draw 3 simple pictures as you talk about what you remember from the book. I drew a cat, a frog, and a fish. I also drew a tree to use as a distracting picture.

If kids have motor delays that limit independent writing and drawing, I will hold up two pictures and ask, “was this book about ___ or ___”. The student will select a picture and we draw it together (I’m a big fan of hand under hand. I hold the pencil steady and place their hand on top of mine. They shift their hand to let me know when to draw. Or if they can guide my hand, even better! 

Help the students write the question in their journal or on a piece of paper and ask them to answer the question by drawing. Let them use the book and your drawings as a reference. After their drawing is finished, have them trace, copy, or write words or sentences, depending on their skill level.

Opinion Writing:

After demonstrating comprehension, make connections to the text by answering the question: What kind of animal do YOU want to see? Here’s a free printable to make your life a little easier!

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