Coffee Filter Rainbow Flowers

These flowers bounce back a little better than the real thing after being smooshed in a backpack to take home for mom (Mother’s day gift idea!). After reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, we thought it would be perfect to make these Coffee Filter Flowers. All that color talk in the book put us in the mood for a colorful craft. 


  • Shallow plate or dish
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Coffee Filters (6-8 per flower)
  • Pipe cleaners


  1. Put 1-2 cm of water on a plate.
  2. Add several drops of food coloring (you can pick your color combination).
  3. Grab a stack of 6-8 coffee filters.
  4. Pinch the middle, dip the filters in the colored water, and let the filter soak up the color for a few seconds.
  5. Lay the coffee filters out to dry.
  6. After they are dry, fold the filter in a zig-zag pattern like this.
  7. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the base to fasten and serve as a stem (you could also punch a hole in the base and string the pipe cleaner through it for a more secure hold). 
  8. Separate and fluff to create your flowers! 

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Author: Tawni

Tawni is a former special education teacher, now stay-at-home momma. She spends her days reading, cooking with lots of cheese, listening to professional choral music, and tickling her baby boy, Cy. She lives with her husband and son in Utah.

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