Silly Sally

This week we’re talking about Mila’s favorite book! This fun story is full of all sorts of silliness, and lots of animals (making it a fun story for practicing animal sounds with little people). We’ve lined up some fun activities you can do with your tots after reading Silly Sally!

Cooking: Neddy’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Sensory: Ribbon Dancing Play

Craft: Upside Down Coloring

Game: Silly Snoozing Tickle Game

Song: Storybots “When I’m Silly” Song

Science: Upside Down Cup Trick

Writing: Comprehension Writing & “How Do You Get To Town?”

Math: Jumping & skip Counting

Reading: Leapfrog Reading

That’s all for this week! Hope your day is full of joy and a little bit of silly-ness!


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