Silly Sally Writing

Silly Sally goes to town in all sorts of wacky ways. What way would you want to go to town? Let’s write about it! 

Comprehension: “What was Silly Sally about?”

Talk and explain what you’re drawing as you create 3 simple pictures that illustrate answers to the questions “What was Silly Sally About?”. We drew Silly Sally walking, singing, and sleeping (upside down). I also drew a picture of Silly Sally eating as a distractor picture. I would use this to ask students who couldn’t verbally answer to point to the picture that illustrates what the story was about. Did Silly Sally Sing? YES! Did Silly Sally eat candy in the book? No way!

Remember drawing is an important first step before writing words. Teach the kids to draw what they know by demonstrating simple drawing techniques and providing examples for the to duplicate! Pretty soon they’ll be coming up with their own amazing creations!

Opinion: “How do you get to town?”

You can use this worksheet, or just have them draw/dictate/write on a sheet of paper to answer the question “How do you get to town?”


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