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Talk About It: Stick & Stone

Stick and Stone
 is a great story to inspire a dialogue about friendship and kindness. Below we have some vocabulary you can review with your littles as well as some questions you could use to get a discussion going after reading the book!


  1. Rescue: save someone from a distressful situation
  2. Alone: having no one else around
  3. Vanish: cease to be visible
  4. Explore: travel through an area to learn something
  5. Hurricane: a storm with a violent wind

Discussion Questions:

What does a good friend do?

How does it feel when someone teases you?

Have you ever searched for a friend?

Has a friend ever rescued you? How did it feel?

Have you ever rescued someone else? How did it feel?

Who is your friend?

What do you like about your friend(s)?

How can you be a good friend?


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