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Base 10 with Candy: Math with “Trick or Pete”

Base 10 with Candy: Math with “Trick or Pete”

Trick or Pete Math 10 SquareIt’s Halloween time, and there’s candy floating around, I thought we’d put it to good use with Trick or Pete. Have you introduced base 10 blocks? I love using this tool for visualizing numbers, big and small. Make some number cards, grab some base 10 blocks, and gather up that candy to do this fun Math activity!

You will need:

To Play:

  1. Tape 10 pieces of candy to a strip of paper to make a “10” block.
  2. The child will draw a number card, then create the number using base 10 blocks.
  3. After rocking that step, they get to create the number using candy base 10 blocks! Smaller pieces of candy might work best, but we used what we had. 
Have fun & Happy Halloween!

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Author: Tawni

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