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Hide & Seek Trick or Treat: A Game with “Trick or Pete”

Hide & Seek Trick or Treat: A Game with “Trick or Pete”

We’ve combined two favorite kid games to bring you: Hide and Seek Trick or Treat! Play this game after reading Trick or Pete by Kimberly and James Dean. 

You will need:

  • Candy
  • Trick or Treat buckets or bags

To Play:

  1. Give each child a few pieces of candy (or coins they can trade for candy after the game) in their buckets or bags (you could also use small items like plastic spiders)
  2. Pick someone to be “it”. They count while everyone hides.
  3. When they find someone they say “Trick or Treat!” and the person found gives them a piece of their candy. Allow each kid to take a turn as the kid finding and gathering candy.

I will admit I have hidden and eaten candy before (real life), so you could tell the kids that you are counting the candy before you begin and will know if anybody sneaks some. Then after the game, divide the candy up evenly (add a little math to the mix!). Or just use small toys to eliminate the temptation. Or coins they can trade for candy afterward!

Have lots of fun & a Happy Halloween!

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Author: Tawni

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