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Rhyming Turkey: A Reading Activity for “Thankful” with Free Worksheets!

Rhyming Turkey: A Reading Activity for “Thankful” with Free Worksheets!

We’re reading “Thankful” this week! On one page of the book, the poet is grateful for every good rhyme. This happy little book is a very well written poem, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend some time on rhyming words! We made a classic toilet paper roll turkey to aid us in sounding out our rhyming words to add a bit of Thanksgiving fun to the mix. Also included: a worksheet, because we don’t always have time for such extravagance! 

You will need:

  • A toilet paper roll turkey (optional, but awesome: TP roll, feathers, googly eyes, orange and red paper, tape)
  • Black and white cardstock
  • Scissors
  • A marker
  • For the little turkey: a feather, two googly eyes, and orange paper


  1. Create your rhyming mat by cutting two slices in the black paper, and creating a strip of white paper (or several, for different rhyming pairs) that will fit through the slot.
  2. Make a little turkey on the edge of the paper that will be pulled to show different beginning sounds
  3. Write the beginning sounds* on the strip of white paper.
  4. Fasten the ending sound cluster (like OP, AT, UT, or AP*) on the black page
  5. Run the white strip through the slot to read the words! 
  6. Have the big turkey approve the words by saying “gobble gobble” whenever the child gets it right!
*Some examples:
  • OP: p, m, t, c, b
  • AT: c, r, m, p, b, h, s
  • UT: c, h, m, g, n, r
  • AP: t, m, c, g, l, n
Need a simpler way to practice rhyming? Here’s a worksheet!

Free Thanksgiving Reading Rhyming Worksheet

Still working on letters? Stamp the letters of the alphabet with this fun worksheet!

free Thanksgiving letter recognition reading worksheet

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