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Sewing: A Sensory Activity for “Thankful” by Eileen Spinelli

Sewing: A Sensory Activity for “Thankful” by Eileen Spinelli

This sensory activity is GREAT for strengthening fine motor skills. Grab some foam, a hole punch, a darning needle, and some yarn and let’s sew some clothes! In the cute book we’re talking about this week, “Thankful“, the seamstress is grateful for her sewing machine. So we’re practicing a little sewing as our sensory activity to accompany the book. 

You will need:

  • Foam Paper
  • Sharp 3 hole punch
  • Yarn
  • Plastic Darning Needle


  1. Cut foam into clothing shapes (or to simplify, just sew squares and circles!)
  2. Use the hole punch to punch holes around each shape
  3. Fasten a piece of yarn to a plastic darning needle (I tied a knot to make it easier for little hands and keep the yarn on the needle. I also added a piece of foam at the end of the piece of yarn to keep it from threading through the hole. It acted as the knot since I couldn’t tie a knot big enough. You could also tape the yarn to the back of the shape!)
  4. Model some stitches. Then let the kids take over! It’s OK if they stitch here and there and everywhere. It’s a sensory activity, so it’s meant to allow them time to explore.

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