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Car Letter Formation: Writing Activity for Little Blue Truck

Car Letter Formation: Writing Activity for Little Blue Truck

We’ve got a handful of cars and a bunch of letters to make for our writing activity in our “Little Blue Truck” unit. The activity will work even better if you have trucks. But we have cars. We’re still in the vehicle family, at least. This activity is pretty simple. We just made letters, but you can also make CVC words or spell names & sight words if your little one is at that level.

What You’ll Need:

How To Play:

  • Print and Laminate (if you’d like!) the large alphabet cards
  • Let the child draw a card from a few options, then have them identify the letter, and use cars to form the letter, either on top of the card or next to it.
  • Remove the card and have them create the letter again!

More on Little Blue Truck coming soon!

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