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Tug of War: A Game to play with “Little Blue Truck”

Tug of War: A Game to play with “Little Blue Truck”

The game we’re playing with Little Blue Truck is simple, but lots of fun. Since the Little Bule Truck does quite a bit of tugging to get the dump truck out of the mud, we thought a tug of war would be the perfect game. Just make sure you don’t have any sharp corners or jagged rocks lurking about. We used an old sheet to play tug of war, with a piece of tape in the middle of the floor. I found it was best for two adults to stand on each side with the kids participating in order to keep things from getting too rough. And to help protect the little people.

You can use a rope if you have one on hand. I was sure we had one, but it turns out we are not a rope wielding family.

Keep an eye out for more Little Blue Truck activities coming soon!

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