Activities for Cute Little Learners

About us

Our Story:

We are two moms who love to teach varied little learners. We started working together in 2012 as college students studying Special Education. We both ended up teaching severe special education for several years at the same elementary school and loved learning and collaborating together. With the coming of our own little babies, we decided to stay home and start sharing the ideas and resources we loved using as teachers and will continue using as moms.

About McKenzie:


I am a lover of anything overly sweet, including my daughter Mila. As a first-time Mom I am learning and loving this new phase of my life. I come from a long line of Mom-prenures and am happy to be creating something I’m so passionate about! My husband, Steve and I have been married for two years and love living in Utah. We met on Tinder (YES WE DID) and are eternally in technology’s debt.

My favorite part about teaching is seeing students accomplish things all by themselves. I know everyone has the ability to learn, just in their own way!


About Tawni:

Hi! I’m Tawni. I have been married to my handsome husband for 4 years and we just had our first little boy, Cyrus. As a family we watch a lot of basketball, listen to a lot of music, and cook a lot of high-calorie food to eat with tons of vegetables so we don’t feel as bad about ourselves. My husband loves to exercise… and I love to avoid exercise at all costs — but I love everything Tillamook has ever created, so I exercise (if you can call it that) to support my habit. I believe in working hard and playing hard. I believe in high expectations, and I believe that learning can be so fun.

Welcome to Patootie!