Activities for Cute Little Learners


These are games we play to accompany books. check out the full book post to get in on the fun!


Clean Up Game
Crayon Box
Silly Pumpkin Movement Game
Silly Pumpkin Movement Game
Don't Eat the Spicy Salsa!
Don’t Eat the Spicy Salsa!
Gobble, Gobble, Turkey!
Gobble, Gobble, Turkey!






Coconut Bowling
Where’s My Hat?
Catch the Gumdrops!
Balloon Play
Snowman Dress-up Relay
Find that pigeon!
Fill Your Tummy
Find the Monster
Hopping Hares
Strawberry Stomp
Ladybug Spot Relay
Grunt Pig Grunt
Egg Race
Feather Float
I Spy