Tawni’s Favorite Books

My sweet momma read to me every day of my childhood. I still read often, but find myself spending a lot of time searching before selecting books I feel are worth my time, perhaps because the time to read is becoming so scarce! All this searching has led me to some pretty amazing books. I have read MANY 3 and 4-star books (according to me, of course), but few have made it to my 5-star list. This is the list I recommend to my mom, my friends, and my book club (more on that another day). I thought I would keep it here and let it grow.

I love reading and could go on and on about why I think it’s the BEST, but I will just end with this: If you find you are happier after reading, then you should find time to read. DO IT.

My least favorite question of all time is “What is it about?” I know, I know. It’s a silly thing to get annoyed about. But it’s good, so just read it. Notice I did not write anything about the books below. I cannot do them justice! And my husband would be mad because anytime he asks what my current book is about I sigh in exasperation. Poor husband.

Oh, I should also add: I am pretty picky when it comes to language, violence, and sexual content in books. Ick. No thank you. The books below handle these topics very tastefully, according to my standard. This is part of the reason I have to research so much. I have returned many a book after getting to a page that burns my eyes because I failed to do my research. Which is basically torture because HOW DOES IT END?!? (thank goodness for Wikipedia….)

Note: These are affiliate links so you can #1: read a synopsis of the book because I didn’t write one…. and #2: buy it if you would like!

Scroll through my favorites, buy a few on Amazon (or find them on OverDrive: the best library app EVER), snuggle in, and read a good book.